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BMDW Advocaten is a boutique law firm specialised in (inter)national sports law, with a particular focus on football. BMDW has a great deal of experience in the legal guidance of (inter)national football transfers and (inter)national dispute resolution within football. The firm’s expertise on both the sector and the applicable, complex legislation and regulations governing football contribute to BMDW’s fast, decisive and high-quality services.

Services and expertise

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, drafting and monitoring agreements; preventing, resolving and dealing with international disputes; providing legal assistance in (international) transfers, including contract negotiations; drafting transfer and representation agreements; and updating clients on legal developments in (international) football law. In addition, BMDW Advocaten is specialised in international dispute resolution within football, particularly with consideration of the collection of arrears (e.g. salaries for players, transfer fees for clubs and commission fees for agents) and FIFA procedures in front of the FIFA DRC and PSC, such as procedures based on Articles 12bis and 14bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

BMDW Advocaten is internationally oriented. As a result, legal assistance can be provided not only on a national, but also an international level. The firm provides services in Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian. This is combined with an in-depth knowledge of the market and legal systems within and outside of Europe.

Modern law firm

BMDW Advocaten manifests itself widely. In addition to providing general advice and conducting legal proceedings, the firm is regularly requested to assist in other matters, such as issuing legal opinions, or to act as an expert in international proceedings. BMDW’s attorneys are called upon by fellow attorneys to provide advice on case law and regulations, or for assistance in (ongoing) legal proceedings. In complex international cases, BMDW Advocaten can monitor, supervise and advise.

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