Our broad international network and our experience in representing a wide range of sports-related clients in different capacities enables us to solve problems and disputes in a thorough, incisive and neat manner.

Because of our position in the market, there is a risk of a (seemingly) ‘conflict of interest’. This may be the case because one of the lawyers has already acted for an opposing party in the past. The lawyers are both extremely aware of and attentive to such a situation, and if this is indeed the case, in accordance with the regulations of the Bar Association, BMDW Advocaten will take the necessary actions towards the parties involved. It may be that the parties do not object to this in the knowledge that our network enables the firm to resolve conflicts quickly, as the parties involved are familiar with (the expertise of) the firm.

The advocates listed below have registered the following principal legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:

  • Mr. R.C. Branco Martins is registered for:
    • Labour Law
    • Property Law
    • Sports Law
  • Mr. F.M. de Weger is registered for:
    • Sports Law
  • Mr. N. Poggenklaas is registered for:
    • Labour Law

Based on this registration, they are required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

BMDW Advocaten in Haarlem works on the basis of hourly rates. In principle, the client is invoiced on a monthly basis, so that the client can keep track of the costs. Making fixed price agreements is also possible.

Finally, we work with contingent ‘success fees’ in accordance with the applicable requirements from the respective Bar Association. We are open to discussing what are the best solutions for our clients, as we think financial transparency is important.

The hourly rates of the lawyers associated with BMDW Advocaten vary depending on the case, whereby the hourly rate should, in principle, include the additional 6% office costs and 21% VAT charges.

BMDW operates in accordance with Dutch national legislation that has been designed to combat money-laundering and financing of terrorism (WWFT). This means that it is our statutory duty to request our client’s ID. It may be the case that BMDW is not allowed to assist certain clients on the basis of the WWFT in situations whereby the ID procedure has not been carried out properly. In principle, this is a simple process; if questions arise in relation to the WWFT, feel free to contact us.

BMDW is focused on providing a high level of service to its clients. However, it may occur that you are not completely satisfied with our service provision. In such a case, you can consult our complaint procedure. At first instance your complaint shall reach the lawyer that has carried out the consultation. In the unlikely situation that the complaint shall not lead to a satisfactory result, you may contact another lawyer of BMDW that has not consulted your file.

BMDW would like to underline that it works in strict accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any personal data that has been delivered to us shall only be used in relation to the purpose that falls under your (previously given) consent. Your data is safe with us, and under no circumstances shall we export your data to a third party, unless any statutory obligation forces us to do so. For the sake of clarity, we refer you to our Privacy Statement.



The texts on this website are of an informative nature only. Depending on the specificities of an individual case, the information on this website, may or may not, be applicable. The information on this website is not intended to be of a legal consultancy nature, or as establishing any legal consequence whatsoever. BMDW Advocaten is not responsible for any consequences in the case that the information on this website is used for purposes other than that of an informative nature only.


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General Conditions

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