Below is an overview of the expertise areas of our firm.


National and international dispute resolution

BMDW Advocaten is specialised in international dispute resolution in the field of professional football, particularly on the collection of arrears and FIFA procedures for the FIFA DRC and PSC, including procedures based on Articles 12bis and 14bis of the FIFA regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. The experience of BMDW Advocaten in the field of dispute resolution enables the firm to assist clients at a high level. In particular, parties can be assisted in disputes regarding outstanding claims (e.g. commission fees, transfer fees, salaries), training fees, solidarity contributions, transfers and resale clauses. We offer assistance not only in the field of football, but also in the field of mediation and in national civil proceedings.

Employment law

BMDW Advocaten advises and litigates regularly on employment law. This includes (but is not limited to) dismissal cases, non-competition clauses, co-determination and illness. In football, labour law has a very distinctive character. It requires not only a good knowledge of the complex labour law regulations at both national and international level, but also of the specific customs and regulations of the sport. BMDW Advocaten uses a meticulous approach in understanding, applying and advising on football law. We apply this to the following areas, among others:

  • The conclusion of employment contracts
  • Representation in legal proceedings relating to disputes concerning employment contracts (e.g. transition allowances, salary arrears, etc.).
  • Legal advice in the area of third-party ownership and UEFA Financial Fair Play.

Legal transfer assistance

BMDW Advocaten specialises in providing legal assistance in (international) transfers including contract negotiations, drafting transfer and representation agreements, employment contracts and termination agreements.

General contract law

We offer legal services in the start-up phase, negotiation, drafting and revision of contracts. Among others:

  • Contract negotiations for individual athletes, clubs and clubs among themselves
  • Transfer and fiduciary agreements
  • Image rights contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Distribution agreements

Intellectual property law

At BMDW Advocaten, we have all of the necessary legal capacities to assist clients in the field of intellectual property, including:

  • Consulting and structuring image rights of professional athletes, such as in employment contracts, but also in sponsorship agreements
  • Protection of image rights for clubs
  • Intellectual property rights for the holders of sports rights, in particular for sports federations, clubs and athletes


BMDW Advocaten offers various legal services with regards to privacy, including:

  • Drafting, concluding and checking all documents relating to the AVG, such as processing agreements and privacy statements
  • Implementing packages on different levels
  • Mapping out specific risks for your company
  • Advice on data processing conditions and requirements